Family Support

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Social Work

A hospice social worker is a person who gives practical and emotional support to patients, their families, caregivers and friends. These social workers provide extremely valuable support to people in their hour of deepest need and help them to cope with grief issues. They may refer people to a grief counselor or other professional support service.

Mountain Valley Hospice recognizes the grieving (bereavement) process as a natural reaction to the loss of a loved one. We are committed to assisting people through this process. We do this by offering a variety of services to the families and caregivers of those whom we have served; but also to the greater community, regardless of the circumstances of their loss. Grief counseling is offered free of charge.

Spiritual Care

Spiritual care throughout the end-of-life journey affords individuals and their loved ones the opportunity to reflect on personal beliefs, relationships, and life choices. Spiritual care staff traditionally counsels individuals, offering guidance and presence in the potential search for meaning, comfort, strength, and hope. The spiritual care counselor respects the spiritual beliefs, faith traditions, and practices of all individuals. The spiritual care staff member does not replace an individual’s clergy connection; however, this individual may be a liaison with these specified community clergy.

Memorial Service

Memorial Services are held twice a year to remember those who have died in the previous six months, especially those who have been served by Hospice. Families, friends, and the entire community are encouraged to participate.


Literature, tapes and books from Mountain Valley Hospice’s Library are available on subjects related to grief and loss.

Family Service Volunteers

Volunteers provide companionship to patients who live at home and respite for their caregivers. They also provide companionship and socialization for patients residing in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and adult/group homes.

Bereavement Volunteers

Volunteers provide emotional support to grieving families during the 13-month period following the death of their loved one.