Grief Services

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Mountain Valley Hospice recognizes the grieving (bereavement) process as a natural reaction to the loss of a loved one. We are committed to assisting people through this process. We do this by offering a variety of services to the families and caregivers of those who we have served; but also to the greater community, regardless of the circumstances of their loss. Grief counseling is offered free of charge.

An assessment is made to determine how individuals are coping and what services might help them through the grief process.

Staff is available to provide emotional and practical support individually throughout the grief process. Counseling is available by appointment. For an overview of grief counseling services call 518-725-4545 or 866-944-0108

Support Groups – Support Groups are offered which focus on feelings surrounding specific grief issues and practical concerns shared by the members.

Monthly Bereavement Support Group  in Great Room.

Men’s Support Group

Travers Diner  with Dr. Reverend R.W. Williams

Memorial Service – memorial services are held twice a year to remember those who have died within the previous six months, especially those who have been served by hospice. Families, friends, and the entire community are encouraged to participate.

Library – Literature, tapes and books from Mountain Valley Hospice’s Library are available on subjects related to grief and loss.